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Zero Wire provides  Dome Cameras in Mumbai and surveillance systems in Mumbai, Bandra, Andheri, Ghatkopar, Mulund, Borivli, Bhandup, Juhu, Dadar, Girgaon, Fort, CST, Santacruz, Paral, Chinchpokali. Our Dome Cameras, IP Cameras, wireless cameras, PTZ cameras, remote monitoring solutions are one of the best for top security solutions. High resolution CCD and CMOS CCTV cameras are now available in Mumbai, Bandra, Andheri, Ghatkopar, Mulund, Borivli, Bhandup, Juhu, Dadar, Girgaon, Fort, CST, Santacruz, Paral, Chinchpokali through us.

Dome Cameras in Mumbai

Dome Cameras in Mumbai, Bandra, Andheri, Ghatkopar, Mulund, Borivli, Bhandup, Juhu, Dadar, Girgaon, Fort, CST, Santacruz, Paral, Chinchpokali:

 Introduction :
CCTV Cameras in Pune, Mumbai, Sangli, Satara, Kolhapur, Nasik, Shirdi, Alandi. Monitor office employees, record suspecious movements, remotely monitor premises over Internet using CCTV and DVRs in Pune, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai


CCTV Cameras are the eyes of your CCTV system and ZeroWire.in have a wide range of CCTV cameras available to ensure the clarity and flexibility your surveillance and security systems require.

We can provide every type of security camera needed, please see below for our extensive range including body, dome, infra red, weatherproof, PTZ and IP Cameras. Our camera range is suitable for any application including homes, retail shops, hotels, schools and vehicles.

We offer a wide range of CCTV Camera Systems which are mainly used for security surveillance and distant observation. Our range of CCTV camera systems cater to wide usage in applicaations related to VVIP locations, banks & financial institutions, offices, showroom and many more. In addition, our range includes:

  • Color & B/W cameras
  • Audio/ video sequencers
  • Quad splitter units
  • Video motion detection systems
  • Real time & time laps-SVHS VCR’s hard disc recorder’s video distribution
  • Booster amplifiers
  • Video monitors
  • Lenses manual iris
  • Motorized
  • Range extenders
  • Many others

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 Choosing the right CCTV Camera :

Visual surveillance systems have been available for well over a decade now. There are a great many types of system and camera available, but with so much choice, where do you begin to find the right CCTV camera which will deliver the right results in your security system?

There are many factors to consider but by understanding the different types and features of CCTV Cameras on the market, you can start to get an idea of which cameras will best suit your needs.

We have variety of cameras suitable for different needs. The types of cameras we deal in are as follows:

  • Dome Cameras
  • Speed Dome Cameras
  • Anti-Vandal Cameras
  • C-Mount Cameras
  • PTZ Cameras
  • Water-Proof Cameras
  • Infra Red Cameras
  • Night Vision Cameras
  • IP Cameras
  • Covert Cameras
  • Wireless Cameras
  • Smart Scan Cameras
  • Bullet Cameras
  • High Speed Cameras
  • Long Range Cameras
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 Applications :

Typical Installations:
- Small Factories
- Offices / Showrooms
- Construction Sites
- Restaurants
- Retail Stores / Godowns
- Hospitals / Medical Clinics
- Motels / Hotels
- Clubs
- Bunglows / Apartments
- Societies / Townships
- Govenrment Offices
- Sports Complex / Stadiums
- Temples / Churches or any other religious monuments
- Parking Areas
- Railway Stations / Airports

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 Photo Gallery (Click to enlarge) :
*Actual specifications, dimensions and accessories mentioned above (and shown in pictures) may vary depending upon the availability of the model at the time of purchase.
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 Product Range and Prices :
Price List for CCTV Cameras
Price List for DVRs
Price List for CCTV Stands, Brackets & Accessories
Price List for Infra Red (IR) LED Panels / Illuminators
Price List for CCTV Sockets / Connectors / Convertors (BNC - RCA etc.)
Price List for CCTV Cables / Power Supplies / Video Splitters, Switchers, Boosters
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Our other products and services :
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Video Surveillance Systems India  |  Video Surveillance CCTV Systems  |  Fingerprint Time Attendance Systems  |  Fingerprint Scanners / Readers
Fingerprint Hamsters / Sensors with SDK  |  CCTV Video Surveillance Systems India  |   Video Surveillance Systems Pune
Remote Monitoring Cameras System Pune  |  CCTV Dealers Pune  |  Access Control Pune  |  Time Attendance Pune  |  Security Systems Pune
Time And Attendance Software  |  Camera Surveillance System Pune  |  CCTV Surveillance Systems Pune
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